North Hills Church, Brea

Our Story

On February 21, 1993, we opened the doors of the Brea Civic Center for our very first service. Founded and sponsored by First Family Church in Whittier (about 10 miles west), a team of workers fully staffed the programs of the church and established a solid foundation from which to grow. On September 1, 1993, Doug Green was installed as the first full-time pastor. On January 8, 1995, North Hills Church became a sovereign, independent congregation, voluntarily cooperating with the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God.  


For fifteen years, the congregation worshipped at the Brea Civic & Cultural Center and the Brea Community Center (both in the heart of Brea).  In December of 2007, we purchased an industrial building at 3100 East Birch Street in Brea, California, holding services ever since June 1, 2008.  We purchased a facility formerly used to launder soiled clothing. In some ways, we share the same mission, for we are in the cleaning business, too.  As we use our property for the glory of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit will draw many to a place where they can start anew, washed clean by the love of God.

Brea was an oil town with lots of orange groves fifty-some years ago.  It is now a thriving white-collar community complete with the third largest retail mall in the county and a restaurant on every corner.  Our world also adores coffee, for we have more coffeehouses than churches.  Our church has probably kept a few in business.

North Hills Church is in its teenage years. We are still young, impressionable and teachable.  We are convinced that we are here for a reason. We are doing so many things well yet committed to getting better.  There is a healthy mix of mature and new saints.

We live to serve our community.  We provide service, making ourselves a part of everything our city does. We constantly look for new ways to integrate ourselves with our community, answering the never-ending question:  How can we bless our community?

Consequently, we provide value.  We are known as partners in the mission to make our local world a better place. God, we trust, is miraculously orchestrating the entire endeavor.  In the process, we are being careful to pay close attention to His leading.

Our congregation struggles diligently to be participants in global Christianity. We have aggressively increased our missionary efforts overseas every year.  We purposefully bless missionary families in appropriate ways, even providing a home in Brea where they can stay for a one-year stint when home on furlough.  We work hard to be outwardly aware of the world around us.  We’re doing all we can to fulfill Christ’s very specific commission to share his work with all people, even those we will never meet.

We are successfully creating ways in which to influence our world from within, mostly one person at a time.  Many people have become participants in our church because of appropriate associations with other church members.  This has fostered an attitude of purpose towards our relationships with friends and family.  It is always a moment of great joy when the truth is embraced through the avenue of friendship.

Most of our church has family members under four feet tall.  These small, fragile, precious people create unlimited children’s ministry opportunities.  One of the best things about our church is the way we love kids.  Training them in the truths of the scriptures is delivered through creative, tangible means––adults who pour their love for Jesus into impressionable minds––even someone else’s child.  It has been the tail that has wagged the dog.

Another priority is our teenagers.  We have an active youth ministry, reaching out to the teens of our community.  Our youth church is designed to communicate the truth of the Bible in ways that make sense to their generation.  They serve the world with annual missions trips.  They improve their walk with Christ with small group meetings, youth camps, retreats, and conventions.  In a nutshell, there is always movement, something is always happening!

Together, we face the best and worst of life, looking constantly to the ministry and teaching of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  When he shows up, through the work of the Holy Spirit, there’s no telling what might happen!  With him, all things are possible.  Without him, we can do nothing!